College Student Worker - Visual Arts

Miami, FL

Job Title: Visual Arts Work Study   

Department:   Visual Arts 

Position Summary: Visual Arts work study students will be responsible for making sure studio classrooms are ready to use for the faculty, monitor and distribute and track supplies, firing kilns, making sure glazes and clay are in good order, maintain classrooms, maintain printmaking presses and equipment, general clean up responsibilities, operation and oversight for digital printing production, and providing general support to students and faculty. 

Location:  Miami International University of art & Design        

1501 Biscayne Blvd., Ste 100 Miami Fl 33132 

Reports to:  Director of Financial Aid  

Interacts with:  Students, Faculty and Staff  

Number of Hours per Week:  Maximum of 20 hours per week. 

Length of Employment: One year – 7/1/2021– 6/30/2022 

Pay Rate: $10.00

Key Job Elements

* Work with Visual Arts faculty to support curriculum as needed

* Prepare classrooms for faculty to teach classes

* Monitor materials, load and fire kilns as needed for students.

* Make sure drawing and painting rooms are clean and ready to use by students.

* Make sure ceramic and sculpture rooms are clean and ready to use by students.

* Keeping ceramic materials ready to use by students.

* Monitoring digital printing area and provide support to students using equipment.

* Keeping printmaking materials ready to use for students.

* Help faculty with other needs to support the department.


* Knowledge in Ceramics, Painting, Photo, Drawing, and Digital media including Epson printers.

* Excellent people skills, excellent communication skills, verbal and written

* Ability to lift large sculptures into the kiln, excellent cleaning and organizing skills.

* Enthusiastic, patient and resourceful person with a strong work ethic.

Evaluation Procedures/ Schedule:  

The student will meet with their Supervisor on a weekly basis to discuss upcoming job duties as well as their current performance evaluation. Supervisors will evaluate the Student Worker in terms of professionalism, teamwork, and ability to successfully complete tasks in the required time frame. 

JOB CODE: 1000090